Video Surveillance Systems Are A Great Addition To A Storage Center

Storage centers are a great place for people to store their important personal belongings. Unfortunately, these centers can also be a popular place for criminals and thieves to attack. In centers that don't have a video surveillance system, it is wise for the renter to install their own.

Storage Facilities Can Be A Target For Thieves

Storage facilities are often a target for thieves because people store high-quality items inside. While these centers usually have a variety of security systems (including on-site security guards), theft is still possible. When it occurs, the thieves get access to a wide range of items and can totally devastate a person's collection of valuable belongings.

That's why those renting at a storage center need to add locks and other theft-deterrent devices to their unit. Unfortunately, these devices aren't always enough to keep criminals away. However, a video surveillance system is a proven method and one of the best for keeping criminals away.

Video Surveillance Can Deter Criminals

Criminals are often very afraid of video surveillance systems because they capture their image and the act of the burglary. In a discussion with former thieves, it was found that 60 percent of all burglars seriously considered the threat of a camera before robbing a site. Nearly half said that they would consider another target if a surveillance system was present.

Consider a storage center that doesn't otherwise have a video surveillance system. The presence of a camera on a specific unit is going to make it less appealing to potential criminals. This is particularly true if there are other storage sites without cameras nearby.

Systems Are Not Expensive

Anyone who is interested in installing a video surveillance system on their self-storage unit needs to first talk to the center to see if that is acceptable. Most centers will be okay with their clients adding security measures to their units. This is particularly true of cameras, as many centers can't afford to add their own.

Once the video surveillance system gets the okay from the center manager or owner, it is time to purchase a system. Is this an expensive proposition? Not incredibly. The national average for video surveillance systems is about $870-$1,000. This includes two cameras, the surveillance system equipment, and installation fees.

For someone who is storing expensive items in a storage center, this is a very low cost investment. For just $1,000, they can protect their items from getting stolen for years to come. So talk to a video surveillance firm near you to get an idea on what you need to invest. You can also check out sites like for more ideas.